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The tables and other information displayed on this website are merely informative, and do not represent the offering of a fund or recommendation to use this information in financial investments. None of the information or material on this website replaces the information on the fund prospectus or bylaws. The information herein presented is subject to changes at any time, without prior notice to clients. Although the information has been selected from reliable sources, Vertra Capital, its management and employees do not vouch for the accuracy, precision, integrity or truth of the information herein stated. Investors should not follow information presented on this website without professional guidance. INVESTMENT FUNDS DO NOT HAVE ANY INSURANCE MECHANISM AND ARE NOT GUARANTEED BY THE FUND ADMINISTRATOR, PORTFOLIO MANAGER OR THE FGC (“FUNDO GARANTIDOR DE CRÉDITO”, BRAZIL’S CREDIT GUARANTOR FUND). In accordance with ANBIMA regulation, in order to evaluate the performance of any fund, it is highly recommendable that potential investors consider, at least, 12 (twelve) months of past performance. PAST PERFORMANCE IS NOT AN INDICATOR OR GUARANTEE OF FUTURE RESULTS. A careful reading of the fund’s bylaws and prospectus is recommended to investors, paying special attention to the clauses regarding the fund objective and investment policy, as well as the risk factors to which the fund is exposed. The investment fund mentioned on this website may adopt strategies with derivatives as part of its investment policy. Such strategies, if and as adopted, might cause significant losses for fund shareholders, losses that may be greater than the invested capital, with a possible consequent need for fund shareholders to make additional capital injections in order to cover any possible negative net worth of the fund.

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